The City of Empty Towers

“Cycles pass.  I hunt the empty city to die on the revenants of ancient Ah’kee larders.  In the remains of their gardens and roofs I find a kind of edible moss.  I collect and store the precious rain.  Sometimes I find the remains of a bird.  Each day a challenge, each night a defeat.  The thought of a battle to earn Tyon’s favor seems a distant memory.  The love of Ka’sell feels forever lost.  In the nights, I hear the towers hum with life.  Adults work.  Children play.  Everywhere the joys of life.  Then the sounds vanish.  for they exist only in my mind.  And the silence cuts like a sword.  I have explored every tower.  Ever room. Ever street.  Nothing is here.  I am alone.  Marooned with no way home.  I may never see my family again.”

No'madd: The City of Empty Towers