No'madd: The City of Empty Towers

The City of Empty Towers

“Cycles pass.  I hunt the empty city to die on the revenants of ancient Ah’kee larders.  In the remains of their gardens and roofs I find a kind of edible moss.  I collect and store the precious rain.  Sometimes I find the remains of a bird.  Each day a challenge, each night a defeat.  The thought of a battle to … Continue reading

No'madd: The City of Empty Towers

No’madd: The Unconquerable

No’madd is a story of sword and sorcery, as our hero defends his land from a technologically advanced alien threat.  His journey takes him beyond the sea of storms to a land masked in legend. There, he must unravel the fate of a lost race and confront a ruthless enemy who threatens to devastate the fabric of the galaxy. Fans … Continue reading

Los Angeles Comic Con 2018

The first LA Comic Con without the legendary Stan Lee was a tough show.  Nevertheless – No’madd sold well over 200 books and absolutely crushed the con. Huge thanks to Jen Moondancer who showed up as The Goddess Tyon.  Everette – who came all the way to LA from W. Virginia just to get No’madd. And a very special thanks to … Continue reading