No’madd: The Art of Planet Ith


I started No’madd in 2004 – but I began the comic series in 2011. Now in 2020, we were just starting to get what I consider significant progress with readers and industry insiders. Including a distribution deal. Then…the corona virus. But – they do not call our hero “Unconquerable” for nothing. We need heroes now more than ever. My dedicated … Continue reading

Los Angeles Comic Con 2018

The first LA Comic Con without the legendary Stan Lee was a tough show.  Nevertheless – No’madd sold well over 200 books and absolutely crushed the con. Huge thanks to Jen Moondancer who showed up as The Goddess Tyon.  Everette – who came all the way to LA from W. Virginia just to get No’madd. And a very special thanks to … Continue reading

No’madd: The Cave of Broken Tombs #1 (of 3)

Is now on: Comixology: In his second adventure, No’madd seeks an ally to defend the Ah’kee City from the dreaded V-or Armada. But the ally he seeks, his son Taron, is determined to forge his own destiny. And as they struggle to unite, across the sea of storms lurks a sinister new foe who shall soon seek both their destruction!