Happy New Year From AK-Comics

It’s been an awesome year of growth. In 2020, I’ll be able to launch an AK-Comics website where I can develop new projects and I’ll even be on the hunt for new collaborators. Until then, let’s all be like No’madd in the image below and defend our civilization from a giant alien robot. Defy the Unconquerable. (Art by Eric Vargas … Continue reading

No'madd: The City of Empty Towers

The City of Empty Towers

“Cycles pass.  I hunt the empty city to die on the revenants of ancient Ah’kee larders.  In the remains of their gardens and roofs I find a kind of edible moss.  I collect and store the precious rain.  Sometimes I find the remains of a bird.  Each day a challenge, each night a defeat.  The thought of a battle to … Continue reading

Podcast: Major Spoilers

Wayne from Major Spoilers wrote: “At the recent Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, I discovered a terrific series of comics/graphic novels called No’madd and got to meet Andrew Kafoury, one of the main driving forces behind these excellent stories. Here in Episode 322, I interview Andrew about these books, including how the series came to be, who several of … Continue reading