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Comic Con 2018 schedule

Emerald City Booth 109 Seattle, WA March 1-4, 2018 WonderCon Booth 1223 Anaheim, CA March 23-25 C2E2 Booth 708 Chicago, IL April 6-8 Rose City Comic Con Portland, OR Sept 7-9 Balitmore Comic Con Balitmore, MD Sept 23-30 New York Comic Con Manhattan, NY Oct 4-7 Stan Lee Comikaze Los Angeles, CA Oct 27-29

No'madd: The City of Empty Towers

No’madd: The City of Empty Towers

No’madd has crossed the wall of storms at sea and come to the land masked in legend, a land that his people call: Platu.  “Wondrous towers rise below Tyon!”

No'madd; The Art of Planet Ith

No’madd: The Art of Planet Ith (cover)

AK Comics

We publish hero quests, myths, and legends. Logo by Lee Moyer

Emerald City Comic Con 2018

No’madd had a great experience at Emerald City Comic Con 2018. We sold over 320 books!!! Luke used The Force to find No’madd. These kids were awesome! And Doom was pleased.

Goddess Tyon

Tyon: The Distant

The goddess Tyon sheds light into No’madd’s journey.

Nomadd: The City of Empty Towers

No’madd: Follow Your Bliss

No’madd seeks the love of the moon goddess Tyon in order to wield her divine amulet: The Gleam of Distance.

No'madd: The City of Empty Towers

Gallery: The City of Empty Towers

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