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Happy New Year From AK-Comics

It’s been an awesome year of growth. In 2020, I’ll be able to launch an AK-Comics website where I can develop new projects and I’ll even be on the hunt for new collaborators. Until then, let’s all be like No’madd in the image below and defend our civilization from a giant alien robot that comes at us with massive tentacle … Continue reading

No'madd: The Cave of Broken Tombs #1 (of 3)

No’madd: The Cave of Broken Tombs #1 (of 3)

In his second adventure, No’madd seeks an ally to defend the Ah’kee City from the dreaded V-or Armada. But the ally he seeks, his son Taron, is determined to forge his own destiny. And as they struggle to unite, across the sea of storms lurks a sinister new foe who shall soon seek both their destruction!  Fans of Lord of The … Continue reading

No’madd: The Motion Comic

By: Neil Taylor      

NYCC & Baltimore Comic Con 2019

New York Comic Con was a force of nature. Marvel was lucky enough to have us as their neighbor. The legendary Tom Orzechowski signed No’madd books. And I finally got the entire seven volume set!! Meanwhile, at Baltimore Comic Con…my man below bought the first ever seven volume set!! And I did an interview with Real Book Comic Talk: Truth … Continue reading

No'madd: The Cave of Broken Tombs


No’madd’s village is besieged by the V-or’s advance shock troops. With their hero gone, can anything counter the invaders brutal rampage or forestall the village’s total destruction? Will anything or anyone remain?

RCCC 2019

Rose City Comic Con 2019 was awesome. This kid said: “I can tell its great just by looking at it.” (You’re great, kid.) The Gamorrean Guard agreed. And so did hundreds of other people…cause we nearly sold out. Up next – NYCC 2019!

No'madd: The City of Empty Towers

The Steep

“Days later I reach my destination.  The Steep.  Long ago, mighty Ka’ii warlords lived here.  Until the Age of Blood.  When wars raged to win Tyon’s love.  Thousands perished.  In the end — still Tyon was unmoved.  The warlords died.  Unloved and filled with despair.  The Steep is haunted.  But the legend led me here.”

No'madd: The City of Empty Towers

No’madd: The City of Empty Towers #3 (of 3) Review

Huge thanks to Graphic Policy for giving No’madd: The City of Empty Towers #3 (of 3) 9.4 out of 10 and recommend people buy. “Overall, an engrossing conclusion to an exciting story. The story by Andrew Kafoury is exciting, well developed and layered. The art by the creative team is captivating. Altogether, a story very much in the vein of X-O … Continue reading