Meet AK Comics, Creators of No’madd

No'madd: The City of Empty Towers

AK Comics publishes tales of heroes, gods, and monsters.

Our current title is No’madd: The Unconquerable. 

No’madd is a story of sword and sorcery, as our hero defends his land from a technologically advanced alien threat.  His journey takes him beyond the sea of storms to a land masked in legend. There, he must unravel the fate of a lost race and confront a ruthless enemy who threatens to devastate the fabric of the galaxy. Fans of Lord of The Rings, The Dark Crystal, ConanHe-Man, and Star Wars are the target audience of this unique graphic novel series.

Good for ages 8 +

No’madd’s World, The Lands of Ith

No'madd: The City of Empty Towers


Andrew Kafoury

Andrew is from Portland Oregon. He created and runs AK Comics.  You can contact Andrew at

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Aaron McConnell

Aaron illustrated several New York Times bestselling graphic novels and is recognized for his fantasy illustrations in 13th Age.

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Lee Moyer

Lee’s work is found all over the place, and for good reason. Beyond occasional comic projects, he does theatrical posters.

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Tom Orzechowski

Tom has lettered a whole lot of comics over a great many years. Clients have included Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, and Archie. You can contact Tom at

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