Month: July 2019

No'madd: The Cave of Broken Tombs

Letters by Tom Orzechowski

Lettering is the most important, and delicate part, of any comic book presentation.  It is also one of the easiest ways for an editor to reject your book.  (“Learn how to letter.  Learn how to draw hands.  Learn how to not suck.”  Etc.)  No’madd is so lucky to have the legendary Tom Orzechowski as the letterer.  Not just because he … Continue reading

No'madd: The City of Empty Towers #1 (of 3)

No’madd review by Graphic Policy

Huge thanks to Graphic Policy for giving No’madd: The City of Empty Towers #1 (of 3) 9.5 out of 10 and recommend people buy. “A great introduction to a new hero. One whose devotion, much Ned Stark in Game Of Thrones, may be his cardinal sin. The story by Andrew Kafoury is dense, well-characterized, and intelligent. The art by the … Continue reading

Whispers’ Cave

Whispers, known as The Hermit of The Stones, is a Ka’ii seer.  But since the future is not yet written he can only “whisper” into the ear of fate.  On the wall of his cave he has painted images of No’madd’s journey to The City of Empty Towers.  No’madd’s son, Taron, is shown these images and learns that his long … Continue reading

No'madd: The City of Empty Towers

The Gleam of Distance

“Family.  My wife.  My son.  My home.  I left them to find the mysterious invaders.  And earn the love of Tyon.  She who shines above us ever out of reach.  My people say only a show of might will earn love love and gain: The Gleam of Distance.  For whoever wields the gleam — Tyon’s divine amulet – will rise … Continue reading

No'madd: The Cave of Broken Tombs

The Mys of Platu

I used to think a hero was only as good as their villain.  I’ve since learned this is not true, but I do think the most important character in any story is the villain.  My favorite villains are capable of doing evil things but also have sympathetic origins.  For the No’madd universe, I started to develop a sorceress who had … Continue reading

No'madd: The City of Empty Towers

The V-or Invasion

“The intruders are marauders form a dead world who lay siege across the stars in quest of fuel for their fearsome armada. They maintain prison mines on dozens of worlds.  This mine is one sliver of their bloodthirst.  Many years ago, the V-or set their eyes on Planet Ith to plunder the Orbs of Platu.  Their attack was swift and … Continue reading

No'madd: The Cave of Broken Tombs

Sword & Sorcery v Aliens

When No’madd is away on a quest, his village is attacked by the V-or’s advanced shock troops.  The only member of his tribe who has the courage to fightback is Jav: The Striker.   But she has never faced such an unsurmountable opponent.   What will happen once she learns to face her fear and fight back against the technologically … Continue reading